About – CareerTalks is an initiative by CareerXperts

Founded in 2006, CareerXperts is a Talent Research Organization based in India.

We empower our clients with legions of extraordinary people. These clients range from the world’s most respected organizations to the most ingenious Start-ups in the Technology Space. We’re all about empowering our clients with exceptional people. A well-established and long-term relationship with our stakeholders helps us to capture a high pedigree of clients and candidates. Our rapid growth speaks volumes about the certainty our clients experience when working with us.

As a Talent Research company, we recognize the value of personalized career guidance and the positive impact it can have on individual growth and organizational success. By offering ‘Deep Career Conversations,’ we can leverage our expertise to help empower individuals and enable them to unlock their full career potential.

At CareerTalks, we add value to our clients through personalized career guidance and support that is tailored to their unique needs and goals. Our expert coaches provide insightful feedback, practical advice, and actionable strategies to help individuals achieve their career objectives and succeed in their chosen fields. Additionally, we offer access to our extensive network of industry professionals and recruiters, providing our clients with valuable connections and opportunities to advance their careers.


Expert Talent Research for Career Enablement

Our team of passionate and experienced professionals possess a deep understanding of the global technology talent hiring landscape, enabling us to deliver customized career enablement services that are tailored to your unique needs.






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How do we add value?

Career Strategy

Career Strategy

Specific steps & actions to achieve professional goals.

Industry Intelligence

Industry Intelligence

Valuable industry insights and resources

Compensation Analytics

Compensation Analytics

Culture over compensation!

Ecosystem Reasearch

Ecosystem Research

Plethora of high impact startup opportunities!

Long term career partner

Long Term Career Partner

Principle centered relationship

Talent Advocate

Talent Advocate

Navigate throughout the job search process

Ground Floor opportunity

Ground Floor Opportunities

We work directly with Founders/Investors

A relationship of success

A Relationship of Success

A mentor, guide, and a sounding board

Supreme Confidentiality

Supreme Confidentiality

Strict codes of conduct and ethics