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Career Conversations
"Your career is yours to own, and the only way to truly take control is to have open and honest conversations with yourself and others."

- Kathryn Minshew

Deeply Insightful Program for Career Enrichment

Unlock the power of Career Analytics to make informed decisions and achieve your professional goals.

Career Diagnosis

This involves exploring your strengths, skills, values, personality traits, and interests, as well as identifying areas for development and improvements.

Professional Beliefs and Passions

By identifying your core values and interests and incorporating them into your career goals, we can create a meaningful and fulfilling career path.

Career Goals and Aspirations

By setting specific goals and keeping your aspirations in mind, we will develop a strategic plan to achieve your desired career outcomes.

Resume and Cover Letter Review

Our team of experts will review and provide feedback on your resume and cover letter to ensure they showcase your skills and experience in the best light.

Mapping your Career Trajectory

Having a clear understanding of your career path can help you navigate your professional journey, make informed decisions, and achieve your desired outcomes.

Career Obstacles (Insecurities and Challenges)

Identify career goal obstacles, plan strategies to overcome them, and stay motivated and focused on achieving your objectives.

Are you made for a Startup?

It's important to consider your own preferences, career goals, and the type of work environment that you thrive in when deciding between a big company or a startup environment.

Career Networking

We start by identifying individuals or organizations that you admire or are interested in. We then help you build professional networks and identify potential career opportunities.

Professional Development

Discuss the importance of continuous learning and professional development, as well as strategies for building new skills and gaining experience.

Job Search Strategy

We offer guidance on job search strategies, interview preparation, and salary negotiation to help individuals secure their desired job.

Offer and Compensation Analytics

We offer valuable insights into salary ranges and company cultures, enabling you to evaluate the compensation and culture of potential employers.

Work-Life Balance

We will assist you in comprehending the concept of work-life balance in various situations and provide guidance on how to manage them effectively.

Action Plan

With a solid action in place, it's time to put it into action! Develop a plan that outlines the steps we will take to help you achieve your career goals.


Follow-up is a crucial aspect of the Career talks process. It allows individuals to track their progress towards their career goals and make any necessary adjustments to their action plan.


Be an Entrepreneur of your own Career!

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Our program is designed to empower individuals with the right guidance they need to achieve their career goals.

Through a combination of personalized coaching sessions, skills assessments, and hands-on training, we’ll help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and create a plan to achieve success.

  • Unlock your full career potential with personalized 1:1 conversations from experienced professionals.
  • Invest in your future success and start your journey towards professional fulfillment today.
  • Our Deep Career Conversations service offers tailored guidance and strategies to help you achieve your unique career goals.
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Let's set up the Expectations

We are a good fit if:

  • You are ready to make a change but unsure what to do next. We can help you get clear.
  • You are interested in exploring different career options and understanding the job market and industries that are a good fit for you.
  • You are looking for guidance and support in navigating the job search process, including resume reviewing, interview preparation, and salary negotiation.
  • You are “culture conscious” and value finding a workplace that aligns with your personal beliefs and values.
  • You are looking for a personalized approach that takes into account your unique strengths, values, and goals.
  • You need help in evaluating between your job offers.

We are not a good fit if:

  • You are seeking a “guarantee of employment”. Our focus is on providing career advice and guidance, not “job placement.”, We cannot control the outcome of the job search, or guarantee that a job offer will be extended or that a certain length of employment will be offered.
  • You are not committed to making a positive impact in your career and are not open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism.
  • You are not prepared to invest time and effort in exploring your skills, interests, and values.
  • You are looking for a resume writer. We don’t write your resume for you, but we can coach you to write a killer resume.
  • You are looking for a one-size-fits-all solution and are not interested in a personalized approach to career development.


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